Learning or Maintaining?

Sep 29 2022 Love The Beautiful Game Soccer and Futsal training is one of the most beautiful gifts for players, teams and coaches. How much time in training is spent in learning and how much in maintaining? To answer this question, consider these facts: a. How much information is new to the players? To be […]

For The Love of The Game: The Current US Soccer & Potential for Excellence

The Current Strengths and Weaknesses   Strengths: physical level of players  Weakness: technical & tactical level of players The Big Experiment: The team is going in with the same sense of entitlements, and looking for results, instead of gratitude and focusing on the process.  Any experiment would eventually require changes, and by that, I mean real […]

The True Value

The true value of work is a measure of purpose, passion, education, work ethic, unity. Top level will always create and create, grow and grow, learn, reflect and correct, like “writing music” always focuses on creating and building quality versus self-promotion. The measure is now how loud one “plays the drums”, but what kind of […]