Developing Players, Beautiful, An Honor, An Obligation

Developing Players, Beautiful, An Honor, An Obligation.

Based on my observations of youth soccer and futsal in Midwest and above, contrasting it with world class academies, I strongly believe that in Midwest and above:

a) Technique is significantly undertrained
b) Small group tactics are almost entirely ignored
c) Physicality is over valued
d) Systems of play (4-4-2 and such) are significantly over focused

Here, some fun and great feedback from one of the best in the world:

level ground = technique ages 7-14
level 1 = physical ages 14-17 (quick, strong)
level 2 =tactical (where, how) (yes to ages 16+, but matures much later)
level 3 = competitive, age18+, how much do I want to be successful

Love the Beautiful Game,
Ilir Lushaj


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