Learning or Maintaining?

Sep 29 2022

Love The Beautiful Game

Soccer and Futsal training is one of the most beautiful gifts for players, teams and coaches. How much time in training is spent in learning and how much in maintaining? To answer this question, consider these facts:

a. How much information is new to the players? To be clear, by information we do not refer to coaches talking, but to quality of information. By new, we refer to details to an existing concept or a fully new concept. 

b. What is the level of difficulty? By level of difficulty, we refer to ability to do something without having to engage the brain, or not be able to process, or having to engage the brain and yet succeed.

c. Is learning passive or active? This is truly a huge part of learning. While one can use many methods to teach, ultimately teaching has to be active and active all the time, in order players to retain information.

While there is a time for maintaining of course, it is very fair to say that the part that goes most ignored is not maintaining :). It is learning that goes unchecked and if this is the case, how will players grow? How much will they grow?

Forge Your Feet Only By Forging Your Mind,

llir Lushaj